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I want a refund

I didn’t want to buy this it’s a waist of money

Some instructions...

I like the game for the most part. It would be nice if there was some explanations of what all the "flippers" and "beach ball" things you collect in the pools actually help you with. I have to figure enough stuff out in my daily life as it is. I don't want to have to figure this out (by trial and error) when I want to relax.

Nice strategy game

Very stylish game. Surprisingly challenging, with lots of strategy involved. In fact, it’s a little harder than I would like, but there’s no time limits, so I can take my time and really think through the moves. As a bonus, you get some fun summer-y iMessage stickers.

Marco Polo fun at the pool.

Relaxing, challenging, fair and it brings the atmosphere.

Didn't seem like it was worth it

I saw it it looked cold but the idea is stupid when you swim into to someone you lose but the other swimmers can swim past each other what?! And I can't! And it would be easier if it moved when I moved it it was like this for example there was a wave right In front of me going up and a swimmer behind my and above me I can't swim back but if I swam up they moved when I did so it would've been a open space same with the wave this was disappointing and was a wast of my money I'd drown this in how much this sucked

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